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Book Group Questions from the author


Now that you've read The Adventures of Johnny Forrest and Sue Magee in Pirates' Gold, see if you can answer these questions about the story: 


1. Edward is not satisfied to just play a game of baseball, he also pretends to be the game announcer. Do you think he does this for his own enjoyment, or to entertain Johnny and Sue?


2. How many times do the kids in the story use an empty tin can?


3. Do you think using an old tin can is:

   a) weird

   b) creative

   c) a great way to recycle

   d) all of the above


4. Why do you think Sue eats dinner at Johnny's house and not Edward's house?


5. You may have heard an adult describe another adult as "just a big kid at heart." In this book, which adults do you think are just big kids at heart?


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